Monday 15 July 2013

Monday and reviews from Ms Seerat, a headteacher in Palestine and a group leader.

Monday 1st July 2013
·         Went to parliament hill fields  park and met each other.
·         We were put into 4 groups (green, blue, yellow, red)
·         Then we played different games with the groups  (we all played football)
·         Palestinian children : "we were very happy to meet the UK children"
·         We went to Acland Burghley and did some drama.
·         Finally, Palestinian children went to Turkish Restaurants.
·         Returned home at 7:30 PM
Ahmad: "It was a fantastic day. We enjoyed ourselves with Nandita and the kids."
Malak: "I feel very happy because I made friends with the UK kids."
Me Seerat: "I felt the freedom when we went to the park. Veeery beautiful"
Habib: "This experience helped me to learn more English and to know more about the UK."

Egzona: "I have learnt a lot from this experience and the differences between Palestine and UK."

 Ms Searah  expresses her emotions as being "confused as a leader" for the kids because she "wanted to make a better decision" all the time.

Then she describes how hard it was for them to stay in Amman without having the ability to come here to London since Mr. Mazen Salah al dein was refused to cross the borders.

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