Monday 15 July 2013

Kids Reviews about the project

After a very long, but interesting visit to the UK, Palestinian and English kids along with everybody else are home safe and sound. It's the time to provide reviews and reflections as well as experiences of people who participated in Changing places through pictures and reports.

Here are some summaries from the kids diaries about things they have done during the past two weeks. Let's start by one of the English buddies who said, "In the third day, we went to Somers town youth center to produce an animation. We started by watching a few previously made movies then got divided into groups where each group had to achieve a 10 seconds animation. After working on our animation, brainstorming, drawing characters, taking pictures and  editing we presented them to other people who were coming from Lancashire. Then we went to the British Librarywhere we explored the propaganda exhibition. Finally, had some traditional Palestinian food.

Lydia, an English buddy, is explaining the process of producing the animation as follows,

Others were also talking about their day as follows,

Billy, an EVS volunteer who came back from Palestine recently said, "I'm sure for the Palestinians, being so far from home, their culture celebrations made it a joyous occasion." He addes, "It was an evening full of dancing and waving kuffiyehs. It was by far the most interesting day so far, and I'm sure everyone went home with a smile on their faces."

While I'm stuck between papers, analyzing kids handwriting, I went a little bit emotional because I read something that touched my feelings which is true and pure as it comes from a child. "Our film main message was that we are all the same even if we look different whether it be due to clothing or an accent. I truely believe that this message is true. I have made great friend which I will remember forever and it seems as if I have known them forever. This has been one of my best experiences."

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