Friday 26 July 2013

kids's visit ,
Visit kids - English
24th june 2013 

Children arrived at this day late, it was as a long and arduous journey, Annika went brought from Gatwick Airport and it was after midnight, almost 1 am.
then they went to hosting places and they stayed to inspire and to tack some of rest .
We are all agreed that we will meet at the next day in hampested heath to meet the second group ( English kids ) .
Some of english volu arrived first - and we recognize them and we practice some games to know each other, and to try to be more friendly and know them more ,

After that, the Palestinian students came and they started to know the English kids and become friends of them .

After that, we had two meeting : the first meeting was for all individuals in the project in order to know each other and took the number of students who attending and the number of absences, and to know the new students who joined us recently 

And the second meeting was for leaders of the groups that have been divided by colors (yellow, red, green, blue) to be easier in management.

After that, the kids practice some sport games like football, and all of them went to the yard in the park and they formed two teams for football.

After that we had food in the park, where she Annika bring food for the children. they eaten and they have completed their activities.
Then they went to Camden School to start the drama classes with Tamzen ( the drama training ) 

*the drama lesson were taken daily in Camden School.
After that we had dinner, and the first day finished 

the second day, we also agreed to meet in hapmpested heath again to start trip around London city.

We were walking by groups, and each leader responsible for his group  each group had included students from both sides (English, Palestrina )

Then we had lunch

The third day.

After that we went to Camden School again to drama lesson  , and then we had dinner , and the second day finished 

We went to an area like the pet Protectorate, and we enjoyed the scenery and we had a wonderful time there

After that we went to the shopping and we went to Camden Market

Then we went back to Camden school for drama lesson with Tamsen , and 
we practice some entertainment games.

fourth day,
We went to a train Center to do some of  handicraft and exercise some of entertainment games  - and we had guests visit us from Manchester and they were interested in the project and in the twinning idea .

On the fifth day, we visited one of the most famous stadiums which Arsenal Stadium

Also: solidarity with the Mr. Mazen who Mentath by the Israeli occupation authorities from crossing the border with Jordan with the children and this led to the delay in travel and children lost their plane ...
The protest in solidarity with kids

The last day, Kids eat lunch and then tey provided dramas that were trained.
and the group dabka - zaytouna - participated wonderful viewing with  children and they has trained children to Dabkeh

CADFA with all kids's visit 

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